Episode 39 - Weasel Fucking Soup

Here we are, it's 2017, tomorrow is January 20th. You look like you could use an escape from our shitty reality for a little while. Yeah that's right, I can see you. And you look fabulous! You handsome devil. Don't you want to listen to us talk about the following chapter from A Clash of Kings?

Arya IX



The title sort of says it all, we've finally reached the infamous Weasel Soup chapter! Arya is pressured by Jaqen H'ghar to pick her third and final death. She tries to pull the ole switcharoo on him and tells him to kill his own damn self! This launches us into a debate about the nature of and rules pertaining to the Faceless Men, Jaqen's reasons for being in King's Landing in the first place, and Arya's trajectory as a character. The Weasel Soup plot is a fun caper, and it gives Arya a renewed sense of purpose. While she is distressed by the finality of choosing her last death, she's made hopeful by Jaqen's cryptic promises and his cool Valar Morghulis coin. 

We're recording a new episode TONIGHT which will cover Dany's House of the Undying chapter from Clash, so look out for that sometime next week! 

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