Episode 44 - Lady Storyline

The hiatus is over! We're back with a brand new episode, and we've got a nice stack of them up our sleeves for the coming weeks. This week we're discussing the following chapter from A Clash of Kings:


# 55 - Catelyn VII

# 56 - Theon V



Catelyn's chapter is rough, with her having just learned of Bran and Rickon's (fake) deaths. We try to not to be too judgy as we evaluate her decision to free Jaime Lannister.

In Theon's chapter, Asha comes to rescue his dumb ass, but he very, very stupidly declines her offer. What follows is a prescient, psychedelic dream that tells of horrors both past and future. We have a fun time breaking it down, and while we fucking hate Theon, we can't help but feel a little badly about what shall soon befall him.

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