Episode 43 - Benjen Dark

Happy Friday, babies! Our new episode covers the following two chapters from A Clash of Kings:


# 53 - Jon VII

# 54 - Tyrion XII



This week, as Jon and Qhorin and co. continue to travel toward the Wildling encampment, Jon has a spooky vision from the future, and an all too real wolf dream. He shares this with the group, and is told that he's a Skinchanger. His dreams have made it clear that they're in danger, especially poor Ghost, who's been beaten up by a Wildling eagle. New plans are hatched, and we speculate as to just how calculated Qhorin Halfhand was from the beginning.

In Tyrion's chapter, he can tell that something is amiss when Cersei not only invites him to join her for an elaborate dinner, but dresses up in her best power-trip outfit for the occasion. They argue over roast capon and various foods swimming in butter before Cersei reveals that she's captured and tortured Alayaya, having grossly misinterpreted Tyrion's relationship with her. Tyrion responds with understandable outrage, but unfortunately says some child-threatening things that he will live to regret.

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