Episode 42 - The wonders of the prostate

Greetings, denizens of Internet! We welcome you to ye olde fucking podcast town. This week we're discussing the following two chapters from A Clash of Kings, and very lazily attempting to emulate medieval colloquialisms.


# 51 - Jon VI

# 52 - Sansa IV



When we left Jon, he and Qhorin Halfhand and the rest of their gang were making their way through the Skirling Pass. This week, Jon finally meets Ygritte, the Freme- err, I mean Wildling woman of both his dreams, and nightmares. We've always been team Ygritte, all the fucking way. She may not have the most progressive stance on wife stealing (see: she's cool with it) but she's a badass bitch who knows what the fuck she wants. Unlike Jon, who spends the rest of this series of novels in a non-stop existential panic. Relatable.

In Sansa's chapter, she finds herself, as usual, dismayed and disappointed by men. Dontos is fucking around, making her wait to leave King's Landing, and planting awkward kisses on her. The Hound is drunkenly burdening her with his crazy fucking brand of bullshit, and to top it all off, she gets her god damn period. So now she has the specter of some horrible future Joffrey spawn looming over her, to boot. This is a bad time to be a Sansa.

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