Episode 41 - Mustard Face Joffrey

Hi! It's us! We're here with a brand new episode for your aural indulgence. Does that sound dirty enough for you, George? Join us as we discuss the following two chapters from A Clash of Kings:


# 49 - Tyrion XI

# 50 - Theon IV



In Tyrion's chapters, Stannis' first wave of troops are outside King's Landing, and Tyrion has to decide how best to deal with them. He feels some deep feels about the news that Winterfell was captured, regales us with the lore of Aerion Targaryen aka Aerion Brightflame, and makes sure that the city is well stocked on Wildfire. We start to see how the resurgence of magic in the world is affecting that process, and revisit our general disdain for Shae.

We find Theon facing a series of moral dilemmas and failing in spectacular fashion. Bran and Rickon have "gone missing," and Reek is all too eager to help track them down. Theon's ego is so fragile, his grasp on power so tenuous, and his top adviser is so evil it's almost like he's the president of the United States or something. Yet despite all of his shortcomings and child murderings, we can't say he truly deserves what is about to befall him.

Tune in for the rantings and ravings of our lunatic hosts, and stay for the brief but amusing interruptions from one of their husbands. If you want to know which, you'll just have to listen. That's how you do clickbait, right? I'm sure it'll work.

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