Episode 40 - The House of the Undying

YES! It's time to enter the mother fucking House of the Undying! One of George's most ambitious and complex chapters, it's a web of visions, prophecies, scary warlocks, and wild speculation. The only chapter we're discussing in this episode is #48 from A Clash of Kings, AKA:

Daenerys IV



In addition to discussing one of the most fun chapters from Clash, we also have a special guest this week! It's our friend Katrina! She's a longtime, dedicated fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and in fact she's read this shit more than we have. We think you'll enjoy her input on this ridiculous fucking chapter. It's so good! Even if you haven't re-read the chapter recently, don't worry. We give you all of the information you could need. And some that you might not, such as our opinions on M. Night Shayamalan. 

To give a brief summary, Daenerys enter the House of the Undying Ones on the insistence of Pyat Pree. Xaro, Jorah, and the rest of her entourage try to discourage her, but Pyat warns her that if she walks away now, the crazy magical time travelling prophecy laden cosmic door will be forever closed. She manages to escape this very bad trip with the help of Drogon, but not before bearing witness to an onslaught of prescient visions and cryptic riddles. We do our best to break it down bit by bit, and consider all possible explanations. 

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