Episode 38 - Rickon Stark: Westerosi Serial Killer

Look, I'm not going to sugar coat the fact that these two chapters from A Clash of Kings are big bummers. But you signed up for this shit. So here we are. We've done our best to make it fun for you. Okay? Here, these are the chapters we're covering:


Catelyn VI

Bran VI



In Catelyn's chapter, we analyze her slavery to duty and the role that she plays in both macro and micro society. Cat has spent her whole life propping up powerful men, just to be shit on over and over and over again. We are beginning to see the origins of Lady Stoneheart, and it's even more depressing than we remembered. 

Bran's chapter is arguably even more heart wrenching as that dick Theon decides to take out his daddy issues on the whole of Winterfell. It's horrific, unjustified, and so unbelievably stupid. Rickon is losing his little mind, and we speculate as to how far that may eventually go. We're launching head long into the third act over the next few chapters, so naturally various shits are hitting all sorts of fans. But at least Bran has stopped rejecting the call. He's totally fucking answering that shit. And we get the uniquely cringe inducing experience of watching Theon seal his fate, hard, by inviting "Reek" into his service. Oh boy.

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