Episode 36 - Shadow Milk

Hi everyone. The election was last night, so we here at Doublets and Dragons understand if you're not in the mood for jokes and merriment. But if you need a good distraction in order to preserve your mental well being, here you go. A new episode! Poorly timed perhaps, but here nonetheless for you to enjoy if you can bring yourself to enjoy anything right now. This week we're discussing these two chapters from A Clash of Kings:


Tyrion IX

Davos II




In Tyrion's chapter, Myrcella is shipped off to Dorne, Tyrion learns how reviled he is by the common people, a riot is incited by a dead baby and a thrown turd, and Bronn gets real about Joffrey needing to die. In Davos' chapter, Ser Cortnay Penrose is having none of Stannis' heretical, child stealing nonsense and offers to resolve their conflict in single combat. Stannis declines, preferring to send Melisandre and Davos on a secret mission to unleash more shadow baby murder juju. We discuss Varys' shady backroom plotting, Melisandre's parentage, Stannis' sealing of his own fate, and burps.

I'm sorry that this description is not longer and more illustrious, but I'm in no shape to be funny or even coherent right now. Everyone, please take care of each other and spread love today.

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