Episode 35 - A Little Bouncy Bounce

Good morning, shadow babies! Energize your mind and your body by listening to our new episode! This week we discuss the following two chapters from A Clash of Kings:


Catelyn V

Daenerys III



From bummer to not nearly as much of a bummer, from sadness to merely angst, these two chapters stand in pretty Stark (heh) contrast to one another. Catelyn and Brienne finally make it to Riverrun where Edmure is doing his best to fit every man, woman, and child from the Riverlands into the castle. The Lannisters are approaching the Red Fork, Jaime nearly escaped, Hoster is slowly dying, and people think that Catelyn and Brienne are responsible for Renly's death. So as you can imagine, it's a barrel of laughs.

Dany's chapter is considerably more fun with prophecies from Quaithe, awkwardly uninspired innuendo from Xaro, fire ladders, Asshai theories, eccentric rich douche bags and Jorah one-liners. Listen for long enough and you'll also hear Melissa hating on a beloved TV show and explaining, in great detail, the circumstances in which she will burp with impunity.

As always (and like honestly does this even need to be stated?) this podcast is highly inappropriate for the kiddies. And yeah, I'm looking at you, random 10 year old that somehow stumbled on this website. Come back when the world has ruined you a little bit more.

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