Episode 34 - Chocolate Milk

Hey all you ice babies and fire babies! We're back with a new episode covering the following two chapters from A Clash of Kings:


Theon III




This week, Melissa and Liza take a fan's suggestion and try to improve the timbre of their voices with dairy products. You can decide for yourself if this is effective, or necessary. 

In Theon's chapter we learn the extent to which his affection-less childhood has made him an unbearable douche bag. Poor Theon is 50% Greyjoy, 50% Stark, and 100% lost. He starts to put his plan of capturing Winterfell into motion, with the help of jolly old Dagmer Cleftjaw. 

In Arya's chapter, Jaqen takes a sexy bath, Weese continues to be a slap happy dick, and Tywin's forces depart from Harrenhal. Arya is starting to regret the low-level status of the people she's choosing to have murdered, but that doesn't stop her from showing Weese a little bit of Ghost of Harren style justice.

We get real silly in this episode, and we hope you have as much fun listening as we had recording it!

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