Episode 32 - Deep, Dark, Magic Shit

This week's episode is filled to the brim with violence, sadness, murder, gods, and shadow monsters! We cover the following two chapters from A Clash of Kings:

Sansa III

Catelyn IV


This week in Sansa's ongoing fucking nightmare, Joffrey finds out about Robb's recent victories and uses that as an excuse to get medieval on her. Like, literally. Tyrion comes to the rescue a few minutes too late, though he does manage to save her from further indignity. The Hound is about to reach his breaking point with this shit, and Sansa finally decides that the concept of Knighthood is bullshit.

Catelyn IV is our FAVORITE Catelyn chapter! It's rich with beautiful, disturbing imagery, symbolism, tons of emotion, and crazy fucking shadow monsters! Okay, ONE shadow monster. It's a beautifully written glimpse into Cat's mind as the proverbial shit is slamming into the proverbial fan, and we love it. RIP Renly. RIP Brienne's hopes and dreams. 

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