Episode 31 - Peaches en Regalia

Today's episode is brought to you by ghosts, incest, faceless men, and peaches! We cover the following three chapters from A Clash of Kings:


Tyrion VII

Arya VII

Catelyn III


Tyrion is on a roll in King's Landing. He's manipulated poor, stupid Lancel into spying on Cersei for him, he's making preparations for the upcoming invasion, and just generally being really good at "the game." Except for the part where he's unhealthily obsessed with a teenage prostitute. That continues to be a little sketchy, and we speculate (with some sprinklings of tin foil) as to what Shae's motives and true feelings might be.

Poor Arya is not as empowered or self actualized at this point, though she's making moves. Jaqen H'hagar gives her the opportunity to start knocking some names off of her list, and she's dealing with being a Lannister prisoner/ slave about as well as one could be expected to.

In Catelyn's chapter, she tries to mediate a negotiation between Stannis and Renly, but there's no need for a referee in this pissing contest. Renly offers Stannis a peach, and Stannis offers Renly, well, literally nothing. Catelyn despairs, thinking she knows how this will end, but that vision does not yet include shadow babies. 

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