Episode 30 - Kate

Pull a titty out and have your pronunciation guide handy, because we're delving into another two chapters from A Clash of Kings this week:


Daenerys II

Bran IV


First of all, we're sorry for the bit of a delay between episodes, we've both been doing a lot of travelling this summer! Once we return to the familiar icy grip of winter (or at least fall) the schedule should be a lot more consistent.

This week, Daenerys is trying to make sense of their situation in Qarth, and can't decide who, if anyone, to trust.  Pyat Pree, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, and Quaithe all make their own appeals to her, and she finally learns of Robert Baratheon's death. Melissa and Liza are inspired by the fashion trends of Qarth, though only one would be willing to replicate them. Dany finds that she's conflicted about her immersion in Dothraki culture now that she's being exposed to, like, a single other culture. We also spend some time discussing the Doom of Valyria, and its implications.

Bran is also coming to terms with his situation, and by that we mean that he is thrusting himself deep into denial. Jojen and Meera want him to accept and embrace his warginess, but Bran is reluctant, despite the vivid wolf dreams and very apparent psychic connection to Summer. He just needs to learn to open his third eye, brah. It's too bad there's no DMT in Westeros. 

Overall it's a really fun, if slightly shorter episode, and we hope you enjoy it! As always, we will spoil to our little hearts' content, and talk about all manner of disgusting and inappropriate things.

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