Episode 29 - Breech Breaching

Get ready for even more siblings doing things you'd rather they didn't! It's a new episode covering three chapters from A Clash of Kings:


Theon II

Tyrion VI

Arya VI


Theon's chapter is a cringe inducing, incest laden, cock grabbingly good time! Join us as we slog through an entire chapter of sibling fuckery more raw than anything you'll find on Porn Hub. Honestly I feel dirty even typing that sentence. Asha almost redeems herself for all the cock grabbing, but it's going to take a few chapters for us to fully get over it.

Tyrion roofies Cersei with some laxatives and has a grand old time running shit in King's Landing in her brief absence. Alliser Thorne tries to convince him to send troops and supplies to The Wall to fight the undead, but his only proof - a rotten hand, is a few shades TOO rotten to be of any worth. There's also a fun confrontation with Pycelle as Shagga rejoices in stripping him of most of his beard, and even more of his dignity. 

Arya's chapter is decidedly less fun as she travels from something akin to a concentration camp to something just a few small steps up from that. Some of the horrors that she witnesses inspire her to create the death list mantra that we all know and love. So at least there's that? 

Plenty of other topics arise as we discuss these chapters, including some speculation about Dany's eventual invasion of Westeros. 

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