Episode 28 - No ice babies, please.

We're back, babies! This week we're covering the following three chapters from A Clash of Kings:


Bran III

Catelyn II



In Bran's chapter, there's a great harvest feast at Winterfell, but Bran doesn't enjoy himself much, until the Crannogmen show up. They swear their fealty, and Bran already likes them a lot more than the stupid Walders. Later, he dream wargs into Summer and finds that Jojen and Meera are waiting for him.

Meanwhile, Catelyn arrives at Renly's camp where a bunch of millennial types are jousting in a tourney instead of planning for actual war. Brienne of Tarth, literally the best character ever, arrives on the scene to shame Loras and take her rightful place in the (not so subtly named) Rainbow guard.

Finally, Jon and the men of the Night's Watch arrive at Craster's keep and are find themselves inadequately prepared to deal with the baby killing, daughter fucking, axe wielding hot mess that is the Craster clan. Sam tries to save a young,  pregnant wildling girl from her nightmarish life, but his plan is half baked at best.


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