Episode 27 - Sour Wine and Sadness

Join the Clegane brothers, a drunken fool, some sketchy alchemists, and Hot Pie for a new episode! We cover the following three chapters from A Clash of Kings:


Sansa II

Arya V

Tyrion V


In Sansa's chapter, Ser Dontos offers to be the Florian to her Jonquil by shipping her out of King's Landing. It would be more romantic if he wasn't mere moments away from vomiting all over himself. The Hound escorts her back to her room afterwards, but not before projecting a lot of weird, sad shit onto her. It's a strange night for Sansa.

In the Riverlands, Arya and her little crew are starving to death. Weasel is eating mud. To make matters worse, they're captured by The Mountain and his men while trying to steal food from a small fishing village. Once again, the smell of dead bodies permeates an Arya chapter

Tyrion finds himself inspecting the massive cache of Wildfire that the alchemists have been preparing. He hopes to keep the Lannister army from burning themselves to death when it comes time to use it. Ser Cleos Frey arrives with Robb's peace terms, thus giving Cersei a new meaningful piece of paper to rip up and/or burn.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and all of the ramblings and rants contained therein.

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