Episode 26 - Lavender Giggles

I hope you like Tyrion, because we're back with a Tyrion-heavy new episode that covers the following three chapters from A Clash of Kings!


Tyrion III

Bran II

Tyrion IV


In Tyrion's first chapter, Cersei and the other small council members are reacting to Stannis' incest declaration letter. Some rude comments are made about Shireen Baratheon's ears, and Cersei finds new and interesting ways to pretend that the accusations are baseless. Tyrion then goes to great lengths, some might even say insane lengths, to get laid.

In Bran's chapter, the Manderlys and other guests are arriving for the harvest feast. Many attempt to make marriage offers for poor widowed Lady Hornwood, and we all know how well that turns out. Bran struggles with more Raven-centric dreams, and sticks up for Hodor when he's teased by the shitty little Frey boys, and we speculate (sans knowledge from this weeks' episode of Game of Thrones) about how Hodor came to be Hodor'd. Given what we all learned on Sunday of this week, it should be fun for you to mock our poor predictions.

In Tyrion's second chapter, he sets up an elaborate scheme to find out who's tattling to Cersei all the time. The chapter culminates in a meeting with Littlefinger. From Tyrion's perspective, we are given ample evidence to suggest that Littlefinger is a powerful, dangerous man that should not be underestimated. Finally Tyrion convinces the smiths of King's Landing to start work on his massive anti-Baratheon chain, and reassures those concerned that Cersei will not have their poor little hands smashed if they stop working on armoring her personal guards for five minutes.

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