Episode 25 - Free the Nipple

This week we discuss our feelings on Cinco de Mayo, bra burning, and the following three chapters from A Clash of Kings:


Daenerys I

Jon II

Arya IV



In Dany's first chapter, we learn that the Dothraki have their own name for the red comet, but Dany is convinced it's a herald of her coming. She leads her few remaining followers into the Red Waste, where many perish. Almost as soon as they find an abandoned city to recuperate in, they're met by a strange threesome from Qarth. Above all, Dany is resolved to protect her dragon. She also resolves not to have sex with Jorah, a decision that we wholeheartedly support.

Jon and the other members of the Night's Watch reach Whitetree, an abandoned village north of the Wall that's watched over by a massive Weirwood tree. Mormont wonders why Sam is teaching the ravens to speak, as if one Raven screaming CORN all the time wasn't enough, and Jon wonders if he'll ever see Arya or Benjen again.

Finally, In Arya's chapter, Yoren leads her group of Night's Watch recruits into yet another abandoned holdfast. Unfortunately, it was abandoned for a reason, as they soon learn to their burn-y sorrow. Arya and her buddies manage to escape before the Lannisters literally burn the place to the ground, and she goes out of her way to save Sexy Jesus (Jaqen H'ghar.)

As usual, many theories are discussed, some more reasonable than others, and we analyze how George chose to set up all of these early, background building chapters. At the end of the show, we spend a few minutes talking about the second episode of Game of Thrones.

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