Episode 24 - This soup tastes like dead bodies

This week we discuss the following three chapters from A Clash of Kings, and mourn a Prince IRL.


Arya III

Davos I

Theon I


Despite what we naively state at the beginning of the episode, we are covering three chapters this week. We tried to fit in Dany's first chapter, but it ran way too long! So you'll have to wait until the next episode for some Dany action.

We start this episode with a relatively short Arya chapter. The Riverlands are in terrible shape, and Yoren has them try to take shelter in a burned out village. We learn that he's losing hope, and that the only wolves we need to fear are the ones that wear man-skin.

In Davos' chapter, Mel is going to town burning massive statues of the Seven gods, while Stannis cosplays as Azor Ahai. Unfortunately Lightbringer is a bit of a disappointment, though Davos remains fiercely loyal to Stannis. 

Finally, Theon manages to have both a climactic and anti-climactic return to his home land. We get our first glimpse of the cold, hard, salty Iron Islands and the Greyjoy squad. They're a grim bunch, and worry that Theon is no longer a true Greyjoy, what with his Westerosi fuckboy jewels and fine clothing. But compared to what's in store for Theon, this is pretty much him peaking.

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