Episode 22 - A lot of Slapping

This week we discuss the following chapters from A Clash of Kings:


Tyrion I

Bran I

Arya II


First we join Tyrion in King's Landing as he tries to assert himself as the new Hand of the King. Cersei slaps her way to an arrangement with him, and he allows her to continue operating under the delusion that she's the queen. Some critical details about key plot points are revealed, Varys flops his metaphorical dick around, and Tyrion continues to develop feelings for a very sketchy 18 year old.

At Winterfell, both the direwolves and Bran are restless in their captivity. Bran has been having wolf dreams every night, and is relishing those brief moments of freedom, while freaking everyone out with incessant howling. Everyone, that is, except for Osha. She knows what's up.

Arya continues on her journey towards the wall, and her party stops at an inn. There she has her first legit introduction to Jaqen H'ghar, to the sheer delight of Liza. Unfortunately she also runs into some gold cloaks, and is then confused as to why they're after Gendry and not her. Stinky Yoren stands up to them like a badass, and Hot Pie is finally armed.

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