Episode 21 - Patchface is a Juggalo

We're back with our FIRST episode from A CLASH OF KINGS! This week we cover the following three chapters:


Arya I

Sansa I


It feels good to be back in the donkey saddle again! This week we're finally introduced to the crew on Dragonstone, including Stannis the Mannis (though he is nowhere near peak Mannis,) Melisandre, Selyse, Maester Cressen, Davos, Shireen, and everyone's favorite creepy prophet - Patchface. We delve into the meaning of some of Patchfaces's favorite sayings, and offer our sympathy for poor old Maester Cressen. Everyone is a real dick to him in this prologue.

Meanwhile, Yoren has chopped off Arya's hair and managed to sneak her out of King's Landing with his horde of dirty, nasty Night's Watch recruits. She's struggling to adjust to life on the road with her new frenemies Hot Pie and Lommy, and her new found seething rage and anguish following Ned's execution. 

Sansa is also struggling as she's fully at the mercy of sociopathic child-monster Joffrey. It's all she can do to keep him from drowning randos in casks of wine on his name day. Tyrion arrives at King's Landing and tries to show some kindness and courtesy to Sansa, but she's now entrenched in what is sure to be a lifetime of trust issues.

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