Episode 19 - Ice, Money, Fire, Titties

It's the last episode from A Game of Thrones! Time flies when you're suffering horribly as your friends and family are slaughtered all around you! This week we cover the following, final four chapters:

Tyrion IX

Jon IX

Catelyn XII

Daenerys X


This week, Tywin finally treats Tyrion as if he's actually his son, but only once he's given up hope that Jaime will survive being a prisoner of the Starks. Tyrion is ordered to go to King's Landing, serve as the new hand of the king, and get that piece of shit Joffrey in line. Tywin forbids him from bringing Shae with him, so she's invited immediately. Tywin sends The Mountain and his men to burn their way through the Riverlands to get to Jaime.

Jon attempts to escape the Night's Watch and bring some of his trademark angst and teenage ennui to his brother Robb, but is thwarted by his vow-chanting brothers. Mormont lets him know that he expected nothing less from Jon, but hopes that he'll give up the emo bullshit in favor of saving the fucking world.

Catelyn, Robb, and his men reach Riverrun, and Cat has a grim reunion with her father Hoster, who's not long for this world. Despite his proximity to death, Hoster is concerned mainly with Brynden's total lack of a sex life. Having just learned of Ned's death, Catelyn is focused on keeping what remains of her family safe, but Robb's men seem to have other plans as they very Scottish-ly declare him DA KING IN DA NORF.

In the final chapter, Dany prepares Drogo's funeral pyre, and Jorah begs her not to burn to death. Dany is like, "LOL Jorah you think THAT'S my plan?" and whistles while she ties up Mirri Maz Duur and carefully arranges her dragon's eggs around Drogo's oiled up corpse. The remaining Dothraki are hesitant to swear their loyalty to her at first, but after she burns the Maegi, submits herself to the flames, and emerges the next day with THREE ACTUAL DRAGONS, their opinions have changed in her favor. 

This episode in particular is LADEN WITH SPOILERS, and is obviously not intended for the kiddies.

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Stay tuned for updates on the comprehensive, full book wrap-up episode that we're planning, and thanks for listening!