Episode 18 - The Boner Test

It's the second to last episode from A Game of Thrones! Time flies when you're pre-occupied with incest, beheading, beatings and lemon cakes. We cover the following three chapters this week:

Bran VII

Sansa VI

Daenerys IX


This week, all three chapters find our characters having important dreams and revelations. Bran and Rickon try to convince Maester Luwin that their dreams are premonitions, and their suspicions are confirmed when they learn that Ned has been killed. Osha declares that ghosts can suck her dick, and Hodor can't face whatever lies in the Winterfell crypts.

At King's Landing, the veil is finally lifted from Sansa's eyes and she can see Joffrey for the abusive little shit that he is. This realization does little to improve her condition, particularly as Meryn Trant is punching her in the face. She's given an opportunity to push Joffrey off of a bridge while he forces her to look at her father's decapitated head, but sadly The Hound stops her.

In Essos, Dany dreams of becoming a dragon, and is drawn to her dragon's eggs more than ever before. She learns that her accidental monstrosity of a baby was born dead (RIP Rhaego), and that Drogo is no longer truly human. When he fails the final test, the boner test, she puts him down, and resolves to ensure that various people die screaming.

We also weigh in on the news that The Winds of Winter won't come out before season 6 of the show, and discuss the subtle sexuality of Kylo Ren.

As always, this podcast is not appropriate for children or people who hate swearing. 

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