Episode 17 - Puppy Stew

Looking for an excuse to ignore your family for an hour or two this week? Look no further! Episode 17 is here, and we cover the following three chapters from A Game of Thrones:

Catelyn X

Daenerys VIII

Arya V

This week, Catelyn waits while Robb, his wolf, and his army take down Jaime Lannister and bring him in as a hostage. Cat is well accustomed to waiting around while men brutally murder one another. Dany's sequence of bad decision making culminates in a blood magic ritual that the Dothraki are definitely not okay with, and she pays a very high price to try and save what's left of Drogo's life. Meanwhile, Arya is surviving on raw pigeons and stew of questionable origins. Yoren stops her from witnessing Ned's beheading (RIP bro,) though she recognizes him only by his stench. Overall, it's a pretty rough week for our fictional buddies.

Expect our normal (see: unreasonably extreme) level of profanity and spoilers from this episode!

You can download or listen to it here, on iTunes, or Stitcher, or your podcast aggregator of choice.

Enjoy, and happy holidays mother fuckers!