Episode 16 - Wight Fightin'

It's that time again! After a two week long turkey and booze induced coma, episode 16 is here, and we cover the following three chapters from A Game of Thrones:


Daenerys VII

Tyrion VIII

This week, Jon is given a bastard sword and doesn't even mind that it's referred to as such. Maester Aemon explains that love is the death of honor, and finally reveals himself to be a Targaryen. Which is probably not even remotely a secret, but Jon is a little out of the loop. Meanwhile, Dany becomes BFFs with a Maegi and the origin of her savior complex is cemented. Back in Westeros, Tyrion gets to axe the shit out of some people, but Tywin's efforts to have him "accidentally" killed during the battle are like an axe in his own heart. (You like that? You're welcome.)

As always, we swear more than is probably reasonable, and we spoil everything that can be spoiled.

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