Episode 14 - Hodor's Bran-Pack

Oh shit, look at that, it's a new episode! This week is rife with genitalia, poison, and Umbers . We cover the following three chapters from A Game of Thrones:

Bran VI

Daenerys VI

Catelyn VIII

This week, Bran and Rickon freak out to varying degrees about Robb's decision to lead his northern host against the Lannisters, while we learn a lot more about Hodor than we ever truly needed to know. Dany manages to avoid being poisoned, but still somehow thinks that she doesn't stand out in a Dothraki crowd. Catelyn finally reaches Robb, and doesn't force him to return to Winterfell for a time out and a nap.

As always, we spoil everything that we possibly can, and say things like "fuck" and "biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch" a lot. 

You can download or listen to the episode here, or on iTunesStitcher, or whatever it is that the kids are using these days.

And finally, here is one image that we discussed during the episode. I'm still working on the perfect Old Nan as Mulder/ Maester Luwin as Scully image. Stay tuned.