Episode 13 - That's So Raven

We're late, but we're here with a new episode! It's a bit of a shorty, but I promise it's a good one. We cover the following two chapters from A Game of Thrones:

Sansa IV


This week, Sansa imprisons herself, Cersei puts on her master manipulator hat, Sam proves that his weight is not correlated to a lack of intelligence, and Jon saves Lord Commander Mormont from the blind, murderous impulses of a feisty Wight. 

This week is not lacking in spoilers, or swearing. You can download or listen to the episode here, or on iTunesStitcher, or your podcast aggregating app of choice.

Little miss Liza has done a real shitty thing by leaving me behind while she's in Hawaii, so next week's episode will also be a tad late. In fact, there may not be another episode until November 9th. We'll update the schedule once we're sure. So, feel free to comment on what a horrible person Liza is for taking a family vacation without me, her trusted podcast partner. 

Thanks for listening!