Episode 12 - I've Made a Huge Mistake

Happy Monday! We're here with an episode covering another four chapters from A Game of Thrones:

Eddard XIII

Jon VI

Eddard XIV

Arya IV

This week, Ned's decision making is catching up with him in a big way, as is Robert's drunkenness. Boars are slaughtered, vows are sworn, promises are broken, and someone is stuck with the pointy end of a Needle. It's a dramatic set of chapters that include some pivotal moments for Ned, Jon, and Arya. 

As always, this podcast contains spoilers for ALL material in the ASOIAF universe, lots of swearing, and a fair amount of sexual innuendo. You can download or listen to the episode here, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or your podcast aggregating app of choice.